Meeting in Croatia

The meeting in Croatia started on 12th may of 2019, when all people from Portugal, Poland, Latvia and Catalonia came to Rijeka. Catalonia’s team were in Zagreb one day before meeting in Rijeka. Then, in Sunday, they met with their hosts. In Monday they went to the Stara Sušica castle for two days and they started the workshops. They were working in 7 groups and they were writing a newspaper about Brewise. In Tuesday morning they went to take a walk to the forest.
When they arrived they started presenting their workshops. Then they had lunch and they returned to Rijeka. In Wednesday morning they met at school and they went to the centre of Rijeka.
There they had some free time and then they divided in two groups. One of them went to the Radio Rijeka studios and the other to the Novi List.
Next day they took a trip on a boat to visit the Cres island and they took a walk there. After that they had lunch on the boat.
On Friday students finished their workshops and they presented their work. Then the Portuguese team left Rijeka. Then on Saturday all other groups came to their
homes. That was the end of the meeting in Croatia.

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