Workshops in Poland

Students from Latvia, Portugal, Catalonia and Croatia went to Poland with Erasmus+.
What is ERASMUS+? It is a European project where students talk about healthy breakfast. They meet in foreign countries. First was Poland- 10th-15th of March 2019- where children meet in small Polish city Słupsk.
The group participating in „Erasmus +“ project visited Słupsk where they saw a painting with Polish people in their houses, bar where was made first pizza in Poland and a big word Słupsk in the center of this town. Let us take a look at town hall in Słupsk. It was built at 1899. The group from „Erasmus +“ visited this place at 14th of March 2019 where they saw paintings and a Bear of Luck. After that they wisited the top of the town hall where they saw a beautiful view of Słupsk.
At 13th of March 2019 the group visited Gdansk- big city near the Baltic Sea.
First kids went to Gdynia where they made experiments and they had a lot of fun. Then they visited Gdansk where they went to a Nautical Museum. After that they
had free time.
They were in Ustka on Thursday at 14th of March. It is a town near Baltic Sea too. Students went to the beach. The cold was really cold, but we enjoyed the gorgeous view.

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