Erasums Day – Healthy Breakfast

RECIPE – 3rd Healthy Breakfast

On the 9 th of October, in Manuel Cargaleiro high school, Fogueteiro, occurred the third
healthy breakfast in regard to the project BreWise of Erasmus. Students form a variety of
ages, participating on the project, gathered up and started cooking and preparing an
healthy breakfast for the others students of the school with the purpose of creating an
awareness for the habit of eating better in the morning, the most important meal on the day.
BreWise is an Erasmus+ project with the main goal of creating awareness of the importance of a
healthy breakfast in people’s lives and, specially, on children’s. While having the usual exchange
trips, where students travel for a week to other countries performing project related activities,
they also have to perform specific tasks directed by the BreWise coordinators. In this project, the
countries participating are Portugal, Poland, Croatia, Spain and Latvia.
The whole planning was made on the week before. After the overall explanation of the task, the
members immediately started to split tasks between themselves: some were in charge of bringing
materials for the cooking; others were told to cook the food and search for healthy recipes; a few
were responsible for providing the journalistic cover for the event. In the end, all participated in
the task showing a great deal of cooperation, responsibility and hard work.
In this season, the students decided to bake cakes in different colours, according to the specifics
of the activity. The pastries made were the so called “Homeland colours”, made with milk, honey
(as an alternative to plain sugar), semolina and coconut flour (replacing the normal flour). These
were then baked in small cube shapes with three different colours, yellow, red and green,
regarding the colours of the Portuguese flag. Every colour had their own unique ingredient, the
red ones gained their colouring by adding beet, to make the green ones the students added spinach
and the yellow ones were made by adding carrot. Then the cubes were placed in order to resemble
the Portuguese flag (Homeland colours – red, yellow and green). As a drink, freshly squeezed
Done the cooking, the members of the project took the trays with the pastries to the students who
were having classes meanwhile. They made a very brief presentation of the project while they
distributed the pastries and the lemonade. The members were very well received and it was an
overall success activity.

Writer: Miguel Araújo
Editor and Corrector: André Freitas
Photographer: Inês Pinto

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