My perfect breakfast

Wise Breakfast

A perfect breakfast should have a lot of nutrients so you can start the day full of energy, is good for our long term health and, most important for the students, is good for the cognitive function.
In general a perfect breakfast should have some of this foods: eggs, greek yogurt, coffee, oatmeal, chia seeds, berries, nuts, tea, fruit, flaxseeds or cottage cheese.
For Pedro, a perfect breakfast is natural orange juice with blueberrie pancakes.
For Jalila, a perfect breakfast is a cereal and berries.
For Martyna, a perfect breakfast is porridge with fruit and green tea .
For Miguel, a perfect breakfast is a greek yogurt with cereals and a pancake with cottage cheese.


Miguel Mesmoudi (Portugal)
Pedro Antunes (Portugal)
Martyna Mularczyk( Poland)
Jalila El Ouadi (Spain)



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