5 Foods/aliments to eat for breakfast

This theme is relative because there are a lot of viewpoints about what is healthy or not. Science has already proven what healthy food is but it is still a relative subject.
In our opinion the fruit is really important because there are a lot of variety of vitamins in it , and they are good for our body.
Tea is also very important and healthy because it is made with fruit, plants and hot water. The teas have a lot of functions for example: The chamomile tea can help you sleep; The green tea calms you down; The black tea give you energy (some people drink it with milk) It is healthier than coffe because contains caffeine too but not to much; The white tea is anticancer; etc;
The oatmeal is really good too because it has
a large share of proteinsand it can lower the risk of heart diseases.
The eggs contribute to our well being because it have a lot of vitamins like:The vitamin A, vitamin B-12. They can help in Strong muscles; brain health; energy production; healthy immune system
; lower risk of heart disease; healthy pregnancy; eye health; weight loss and maintenance; skin health yogurt.
The yogurt is importante for: it’s rich in important nutrients; it’s high in protein; some varieties may benefit digestive health; it may strengthen your immune system; etc

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